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The year 2013 in 10 tweets

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Horror of the Boston Bombing

White House showing its lighter side

Train station bombing in Russia

Rare picture of politics' and techs' biggest superstar

The passing of a great man


More Information and facts


Finally, Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring!

2013 Champion of the Champions


Spectacular picture from NASA scientists


A tweet worth a billion dollar


The tech story that I'll remember most

Lessons and pitfalls of holiday decorations for home owners

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X'mas is that time of the season when all Christians unite in the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth. Nowadays, Christmas has become a virtually universal festivity celebrated by huge numbers of people from all walks of life - Chritians and non-Christians. The reality that X'mas falls just days prior to the present year is coming to a conclusion contributes to the festive and holiday spirits. After all, it is a fairly good excuse to to take some time away from the usual busy days. Should there be a single thing that makes every Christmas so so unlike the rest of the celebrated festivities, it's to be the amazing ornaments and lights that people in different corners of the world has put up. There are countless ideas to create elegant designs and here are many of them.


When referring to elegant christmas decorations, you have to differentiate between indoor and outdoor. Obviously, many people would prefer to adorn their residence with ornaments from inside out, for them to really feel the spirit of X'mas. Often, having less time and budget stop homeowners from achieving this. The theme and ornaments required for indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations are entirely different. Interior ornaments does not need to be weather-proof while outside ornaments have to withstand the cold temperature, snow and UV rays. Glowing ornaments for indoor might help liven the mood of these dwelling in it. Outdoor decorations however, are typically pre-lit so they can be plainly seen during the night.


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Have you ever asked why sometimes when you visit relatives and friends during Christmas time, you've good feeling when entering some houses but not the rest? The important thing that separates excellently designed elegant Christmas decorations

from the mediocre ones is based on the theme. Your choices and combinations of color, design and decorative variety need to be blended as one theme. Through the years, we can see enhancement with regards to creativity from homeowners when it comes to Xmas decoration theme. Rustic Xmas decoration is well-liked by those who find themselves enthusiastic about such a thing oldies. It might sound surprising however the geeks have joined the fray and come up with their highly nerdy designs. An example is a Xmas tree that has been clothed using icons taken from today's popular social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.


Holiday home design can be described as a exciting thing though to develop great holiday arrangements, it is not at all something that anyone can be assured of achieving, particularly if no coordination is involved since the start. If you're a art and craft guy, you would not need to buy your ornaments in the store irrespective of how convenience it may be. Things like wreaths that you placed on the door and garlands that you spread on the staircase rail are simply highlights of the type of ornaments which you can do very easily by yourself. On the last note, remember to set a budget and stick with it closely if you do not want to get rid of up paying large credit card debt following the holidays.

Mistakes to avoid when buying holiday gifts

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There is no other time in a year that's lovelier than Christmas. It's the period of the year when joyous mood has a grasp on everybody. Here and there, it is possible to hear the Xmas bells making those happy sounds. The sound of laughter coming from the young ones making Frosty the Snowman simply brings joy to whoever is listening. Of course, one of many items that everybody looks forward to in this season could be the passing of amazing Christmas presents. Most of us simply find it fun in searching for gift ideas our loved ones will open on Christmas Day. It's been established from one survey to another that we would be happier when we are giving instead of receiving. If you're now getting ready for that gift-hunting, it is best if you'll simply take the following pieces of guides with you.


What makes Xmas stick out from the other holidays is that it's being celebrated in every corner of the world. At this time, you just feel so generous that you don't even mind presenting awesome Christmas presents to all your relatives and buddies. If you are a super networker, your gift receiver number will most likely add up to a lot more than what your ten fingers could hold up to. Consequently, the 1st thing that you must do is to prepare that checklist, to make certain that nobody is likely to be missed out. This will also make your gift shopping more organized so that at any particular instance, it is possible to focus say to locate that brilliant Holiday presents for husband and not somebody else. In this manner, you are able to go down the list one at a time without having to constantly worry about leaving out anyone.


Find out more gift recommendations for the holiday at AwesomeChristmasPresents.Net


If you're thinking of buying great Xmas gifts, you must decide what awesome is according to your definition. In order to get a Christmas present for the man you're seeing, you definitely want to go for a romantic theme which is the most appropriate option in this instance. If you are buying a holiday present for your mother, practical or useful will probably be the appropriate definition. But, the popularity of humorous or prank gift ideas also rises with this season of festivals. Yet you have to bear in mind the one for whom the gift is intended and do not forget the limit. Some folks have higher love for humour while some have lower. Any gift that is funny to one person could be viewed as otherwise by another.


That is it. Just stick to these basic steps, and you are ready for the hunt. But wait one minute. Should you choose not desire to end up paying massive credit card debt after the holiday is over, it's often recommended to set yourself a budget and strictly adhere to it. I can let you know that with so many brilliant Christmas gift ideas properly displayed on the shelves, Christmas shopping can really be addictive. And while credit card offers you the convenience of cashless transactions, it is very easy to forget how much you have charged for your card without taking a look at the statement. Do not forget that there are lots of reasons that can potentially wreak havoc to your plan so the very best is to carry out your spree early and give enough buffer should you not want any disruption in your plan.


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A number of things about picture printer performance that one has to be aware of before buying

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It's an indisputable fact that pictures communicate messages a lot better than written words. It is a mainstream wisdom that each of us has come across one or more times in a lifetime. For some of us, this is probably true as a picture's meaning relies solely on who's observing it, but let's try to take it up into another level to be able to fit the current context. A well-taken and superior image says a million words. Does it sound exaggerating? I truly don't think so. The effect of social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is so massive that a picture published to these powerful social media universe has the potential to get viral and when that takes place, a picture could be the subject of discussion of millions of users.


If you are thinking of buying a good picture printer, there are many shopping options that are offered to you. Usually, it is quite possible that the first place you consider buying a photo printer is from a brick and mortar shops like Target, here you have it in your head that you'll get the best deal for the best photo printer. You might believe that when you go into these stores, you will have the opportunity to talk to the sales personnel and see what he says concerning the various photo printer reviews. You might end up learning one great lesson (and through the hard way) never trust marketing persons in sales stores. That's why I've recently changed my shopping channel to online as I will find tonnes of photo printer reviews published by tonnes of different people. This said, you are also in a position to buy from any of the many online stores, make an educated decision and buy only from a merchant who has the best photo printer price.


Digital photography has received its share of the criticism during the early years. However, as the years passed, people have discovered to appreciate it moreso that you get disbelieving looks from people who see you having an analog camera, because it seemed impossible nowadays. On some aspects, an analog camera has still several advantages which can be never topped off by a digital camera, but with the advancing technology, these are slowly being eradicated. One clear disadvantage of an analog camera is the frequent need of a roll of film for you to find a way to take pictures. Digital camera, on the other hand, stores pictures in SD or Flash-memory cards which in turn allows someone to snap images at his liberty without worrying about the price. All things considered, once the card is full, one merely needs to move the images out into the computer and empty the card once again. As oppose to the analog type, a digital camera allows you to have a look at the pictures through its preview function. After taking a snapshot, one is able to check the quality of the image being taken, delete and only retake the image when it is bad.


The digital era ushered in the use of digital cameras and I strongly believe that you have one. Not just that, I guess you've already dumped those 'dumbphones' in favor of smartphones as evident from recent studies that suggest the sales of smartphones finally surpassing that of its predecessor. With the technology still evolving constantly, don't assume top brands to be the best choice. Although you genuinely believe that you're getting from the big boys for example Canon, you are still recommended to read Canon image printer opinions and don't limit yourself only to a specific brand. New models are always pushed out to the market within short periods. As a matter of fact new technologies tend to be produced by new entrants and not the 'Big Boys. 'Do note that the set of best photo printers for 2013 will surely vary from that of previous year.

Items To Consider Before Buying a Blender

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Few points you have to keep in mind when you want to buy hand blender for kitchen use. Among the prime reasons for obtaining a hand blender is actually for blending soft foods and sauces that are usually prepared at the majority of kitchens. Almost all immersion blenders are usually strong enough to help mix or blend soft foods such as mashed potatoes or even soups, however many of them aren't produced for mixing dough, chopping ice or perhaps cutting through veggies.


One foremost point which you should consider is whether to buy a corded or a cordless blender. A lot of people prefer to use cordless blenders simply because they provide simplicity of movement, plus there is absolutely no need for a power source, to which you need to bring your food near in order to mix them.


Cordless blenders are also very best whenever you're taking a vacation. Many of them include a travel mug, making it easier to prepare a breakfast smoothie while you're on the move. Just before you go ahead and also grab yourself a hand blender, have a clear idea about its utility as a user.


It's also good to remember that a hand blender can compete with the best hand mixer in a variety of ways such as the mixing of cake recipes, soups and sauces. Other hand blender models actually come with several extensions that mimic the function of various other basic kitchen equipment, making it easier to take many kinds of ingredient.


You needn't be worried about what to get for your kitchen (blender vs juicer) as many highly motorized blenders can draw out citrus juice, chop ice for mixing, puree foods, and even make smoothies. Most juicers do not make smoothies because they are not made for that function. These are usually used to make juices from almost all types of fruits but are not designed to cut or mix or even blend as a whole.


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Bigger, more costly blenders (the majority of people might usually compare Vitamix vs Blendtec when considering a high end blender), can easily juice, chop up ice, puree and do some other things that hand blenders can do too. Yet, you have to add the food or even ingredients for blending within the sixty four oz blender jar that is connected to the blender. While the biggest advantage of a hand blender is you do not have to place all the food in the jar to mix them. A hand blender can be used in a pan on the stove or even a bowl or perhaps any other container you desire to use.


You will also notice that more affordable hand blenders usually include extra attachment, a whisk for example, while the ones that are priced much higher come along with much more add-on such as a chopper, a pitcher and a travel storage, with respect to the model. While going around pantry supplies specialists or even supermarkets, you'll find hand blenders that are less expensive than $20, while many others may go over $125.


On top of that, it is way simpler and quicker cleaning a hand blender when compared with its standard counterpart, thus tagging it one of the handful of kitchen equipments which offers the highly needed convenience to its user.

How to find a present that best conveys your message?

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The most difficult of all things would be to learn the skill of giving a gift and that to when you would like to express your concern and appreciation or real care and consideration to yet another individual through a carefully selected present. This job is extremely challenging especially if you consider an ideal object that fits the individual. You need to take into account all minute details such as your relationship along with the receiving party and also the purpose of giving the gift and precisely what does your gift stand for just before purchasing anything and shipping it to the individual.


In the event that you intend to please a person with a gift, then it's important to pick only the most suitable item to put across the proper signals, for you to steer clear of going into an embarrassing situation which may possibly ruin the relationship from then on. These types of little problems may be eased out very easily simply by keeping a lookout to some subtle details whenever picking any gift. For example if you refer to guideline like traditional objects as well as use that to purchase any present then your gift giving will grow to be super easy.

Go ahead and take the case of a guy presenting birthday gifts for her where three factors are generally to be regarded, specifically exactly how the guy feels for the woman, exactly what the recipient thinks of the guy and what the gift's meaning is. Of course this kind of job is very tasking and most challenging to learn as things may go amiss and misinterpreted or misunderstood leaving both of you nowhere. Gifting jewelry in addition to knickknacks are a fantastic idea, some little and simple ideas like flowers or even a handwritten note may work wonders only if you express them in a correct manner.

 Still, a gift is a great way to express a message that you normally find hard to place into words. In this instance, you may get just a little lost in the undercurrent of each and every item that you could think about gifting because this might end up being your very best opportunity to communicate the real emotions along with produce memories which will last permanently. Looking for something like that of the best white elephant gifts due to the fact she told you once how connected she was to the film Dumbo, exactly how much she loved the zoo and seeing the elephants play and run together. She might actually had a tattoo of it that she continues to keep hidden, thus implying that you're aware of her each and every preference and that you regard her crucial in your life.

Of course, in the event that you're not necessarily attempting to connect on a romantic level however merely want to convey your own thanks inside a meaningful in addition to effective mean, there happen to be a number of other choices. Thank you gifts are usually notorious for being misinterpreted, so it's essential that you not merely buy a perfect gift for their own preference but also that it will come complete along with a card as well as note attached which obviously conveys your meaning. This sounds tricky and confusing but as long as you continue to keep things basic, graceful, trendy as well as worthy then every little thing may turn out to end up being perfect.

My Life Story

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For some people, living means a chance to conquer something which is sometimes impossible to have, otherwise life may prove to be dull and seemed pointless. Just before I am attacked from just about all sides by people, that like to be logical and rational to be obsessed with anything in their lives, I would love to ask you one straightforward question. Ask yourself is your own life really worth living if you're just unnecessarily passing your own life without having any worth or even meaning and have no reason to get out of bed each morning or no reason to fall asleep late at night and practically nothing that captivates you. Much more, in the event that they are not scared to show the world what may fire up their soul. And my honest hope is that by the end of this informative article you will be able to discover your deeply rooted obsession you know not about.


I very first found that not everybody is taught to look both ways before they go across the streeth. It's a phenomenon that you'll be able to see whenever making your way down one of the world's most famous street of Paris. I had a chance to notice a large number of children crossing the roads of Paris without even caring about the surroundings around them. Amazingly, they managed to get to the opposite side without incident every single time. I once stopped and also asked a small group of them as to the key reason why they in no way bother to look left and right before they crossed merely to receive empty stares as well as giggling. This was indeed my first shocking experience of national differences and these kinds of incidents I come across whenever I travel to different and unknown lands in the world. These types of varied encounters actually strengthen my enthusiasm of traveling. You see, once you leave your own doorstep, you have no idea what you are likely to bump into round the next juncture. This is true particularly when you are travelling to various parts of the world since you need to rely totally on brand new cultures, traditions, and behavioral patterns or perhaps deal with an entirely new language that you may well not actually know and understand.


Numerous individuals think about photography as a pastime simply because it allows you to get hold of pictures or even special memories or many other issues that catches your attention at a specific moment. Nevertheless, there are those that view photography in a distinct perspective. A camera just isn't a tool, however a machine that allows you to produce a window directly into the past. What is truly fascinating regarding photography is its ability to trap a particular moment, such as the smell, sound and emotion which goes with it. Another excellent benefit of photography is you can share the same memoirs with others or even ensure that it stays as a secret. This is the reason that a few photographs just pop up as well as pass out from your own life like a bubble on a stream and still several get imprinted in your mind for life.


Our own meals are usually another thing to be preoccupied about to make it a lot more than simply ingredients being prepared. If you do a little research, food is probably the most critical aspect of our life as it is the fuel source that powers up our life. Do a bit of self-reflection and observe the people around you. The consequences are crystal clear that in the event that we stop to cook for ourselves and start based on others to do so it's a recipe for disaster. We are seeing the obesity rate rising even higher, not just in particular states, however nationally across the board. And also to believe that almost all that I needed was just some culinary skill and some level of commitment to trying again and again till I managed to grasp the skills which I once believed was only a reserve for specialist chefs. This has already been made possible by practicing cooking various meals time and again. You will soon concur along with me that there is simply no magic behind the curtain in anything practical, but only skills that can end up being mastered by any dedicated and willing person.


It is for this very fact that if you unlock the passion from deep within, and begin seeing yourself in different dimensions than previously, your life sets out to change course and becomes better, full of excitement and creative personality. The minute you'll be able to really start to live your life will be the moment you explore almost all of your obsessions.